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These sites are recommended sources of information for entrepreneurs and small businesses:

Legal Best Practices Magazine - Protect Your Idea$ Part II Turning Ideas Into Value
By Brent C.J. Britton Published: April / May 2008
Copyright protects original works of authorship, meaning just about everything written, composed, scored, scripted, drawn, painted, sculpted, choreographed, or architected. No formalities are required to obtain copyright protection – it applies automatically from the moment each work is created, or fixed in a tangible medium of expression, whether that medium is computer memory, paper and pencil, or paper mâché.
Copyright protects against unauthorized copying of an original work. Note that this is much thinner protection than that afforded by a patent. You can sue an innocent patent infringer and win, even if the defendant has never heard of you, your patent, or the underlying invention; it is enough that they make, use, or sell an infringing product. With copyright, you may only sue those who actually copy your original work, by making a digital copy, for example, or by producing a work of their own that is substantially similar to yours after havin
Small Business Trends is an award-winning comprehensive online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. We offer a variety of features to help you stay informed about the small business market. You can track, explore and learn from trends affecting small business through these informational resources:See About for more details.
Fed chairman hit by ID thieves
22 charges after hundreds are hit by pickpocket-allied fraudsters. The US Federal Reserve Board chairman has become the latest high-profile public figure to fall victim to identity theft.Editors Note: This article highlights two points:
1) everyone is a possible ID theft target
2) everyone needs ID theft protection
Small Business Banking & Small Business Financing | TD Canada Trust
Do small business banking when and where you want with TD Business Financing. Take the Small Business Internet Banking tour or contact a small business advisor today! TD Canada Trust Small Business banking products were created with you in mind, the Small Business owner, to ensure we meet your business financing and banking needs.
EDITORS NOTE: It is good to see TD Canada Trust is moving away from ASP.NET technology and is now using JSP (Java Server Pages) technology which is more secure and robust. - Grow your business, experience Success
SOHO©, is a national lead generation and marketing company focused on providing valuable tools, resources, special events and event management services to the business marketplace.
EDITOR'S NOTE: This site has many VB Script errors but should work fine in most browsers. Use with caution.
Welcome - Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
The main access point for all PWGSC services. Helping nearly 140 departments and agencies serve Canadians.This site provides information for selling to the government relating to: Business services, Government services, Federal programs, Government Publications, Audit, Real estate, Contracting, Pensions, Translation, Crown assets, Finance, Sustainable development, Information technology.
TD Canada Trust - Small Business Advisors
The TD Canada Trust Small Business Advisor in your area understands the challenges you face and can help you to achieve your goals. For more business resource information, visit our Small Business Resource Centre
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
CFIB has been a big voice for small business for over 35 years with 105,000 members nationwide in every sector. Taking our direction from CFIB Members, through regular surveys, we lobby for small- and medium-sized businesses at the federal, provincial and local levels of government.
Who we are:
We represent independent businesses in all regions of Canada. Our members include the full range of enterprise in Canada, from one-person home-based businesses to firms employing hundreds of people. CFIB is the largest organization of its kind in Canada and generally has more members in any given industry than most sectoral organizations.
The Job Accommodation Network
JAN stands for Job Accommodation Network. JAN's mission is to facilitate the employment and retention of workers with disabilities by providing employers, employment providers, people with disabilities, their family members and other interested parties with information on job accommodations, self-employment and small business opportunities. A service of the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy.

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