Brunch With Focus
With Guest Speaker Jannette Lumley

The Next Brunch with Focus is on Wed. May. 11, '16
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On this page is listed the 12 most recent Breakfast With Focus Events. Click on the links below to see the speakers' details and their topics.

Guest Speakers

Date Speaker Topic
Wednesday May. 11, 16 Jannette Lumley Would you love To Experience Adventure nature trips?
Wednesday Apr. 13, 16 Christina M. Demeester, M.A., C.L.C. Some Keys to Creating the Life that you want to live!
Wednesday Mar. 09, 16 Hector Rombola CRA auditing Small Business 2016
Wednesday Feb. 10, 16 Marylou Heenan Cash Flow, business and personal, how to balance both in these tumultuous times
Wednesday Jan. 13, 16 DBoss How to compete with some of the best in your industry
Wednesday Dec. 09, 15 Michael C. Irving, Ph.D. Exercise as a business essential
Wednesday Nov. 11, 15 Robin Zerm Remember Earth
Wednesday Oct. 14, 15 Jilian Saweczko Come celebrate Small Business Month
Wednesday Sep. 09, 15 Alka Sharma Total Fitness - kick boxing
Wednesday Aug. 12, 15 Jannette Lumley Eco-touring: 'Eastern Jamaica. Experience it!'
Wednesday Jul. 08, 15 Jemma Fong Best Practices for optimizing your web page through targeted traffic
Wednesday Jun. 10, 15 Jilian Saweczko 5 Steps in Choosing the Right Resources at the Right Time To Grow your Business

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