Brunch With Focus
With Main Speaker James Elliot

The Next Brunch with Focus is on Wed. Mar. 11, '15
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On this page is listed the 12 most recent Breakfast With Focus Events. Click on the links below to see the speakers' details and their topics.

Guest Speakers

Date The Main Speaker The Second Speaker
Wednesday Mar. 11, 15 James Elliot
Wednesday Feb. 11, 15 Mr. Donald Lofthouse, B. Sc
Wednesday Jan. 14, 15 Lauren Mahe
Wednesday Dec. 10, 14 Kishan Mooljee
Wednesday Nov. 12, 14 Lester de Souza
Wednesday Oct. 08, 14 Joe Goldfinger An Attendee
Wednesday Sep. 10, 14 jilian Saweczko
Thursday Jul. 17, 14 jilian Saweczko Rose Marie Oliva
Thursday Jun. 19, 14 Csaba Lendvay
Thursday May. 22, 14 Christine Janes Jilian Saweczko
Thursday Apr. 24, 14 Bette Stock Cheryl Rankin
Friday Mar. 28, 14 Allison Harvey Jannette Lumely