www.becometheboss.net About RSS Feed

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "rich site summary" or "really simple syndication." When you subscribe to our RSS feeds using a news aggregator or feed reader, you will be notified automatically of any new content on the site, eliminating the need to check the Web site for updates. The RSS feed will provide a link to the new content on Registration page or the Recommended Book page.

Why use RSS?

  • RSS feeds are a convenient way to monitor information from a variety of sources, allowing you to customize how you receive and process notifications of new content.
  • RSS feeds are a good alternative to subscribing to updates via email. You don't have to provide personal information (such as an email address) to subscribe to an RSS feed, and you don't run the risk of missing important updates because the email gets deleted or caught in your spam filter.
  • RSS feeds are also easier to manage because the feeds are grouped together by feed, showing at a glance how many items you have not yet read.